Reaching Into The Deep Blue

Shot at Calico Basin yesterday, it’s rather rare that I will use the Portrait mode for photos because of how much data is lost on either side of the photo.

The same goes for using a cell phone camera in portrait mode for photos or video. The leaves on the trees are already a bright yellow, they are much more yellow now as the tree reaches into the deep blue.

The photo is a bit too dark!

10 thoughts on “Reaching Into The Deep Blue

  1. You got a nice blue. I use the orientation that is most appropriate for the photo. I also use vertical orientation for a series of shots to stitch into a panorama However, I always use horizontal orientation for video. I think videos shot in vertical orientation are weird. A lot of people do it. Although, I used vertical orientation when I shot a video of myself shooting shotgun shells off of a target stand. That was the only way to get both the pistol and and shotgun shells I was shooting into the frame. I was shooting video with one hand and the pistol with the other.

    • You are brave using one hand for the video! My friend in Michigan sends me train videos shot in a vertical orientation, yuck! I used to own a few pistols back in Michigan. I let the CCW lapse when I left…

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