One More Tivoli Photo

Oops, I missed this one hiding in my Process folder. Doink! What’s next? Would you like some photos taken in the Spring Mountains from 8000 feet ASL?

I would like to photograph more wild horses up there but they are hard to find.

Or, perhaps a ride through the pass over to Pahrump? Stop for a bite, maybe top off the fuel tank there then head north out of town for several miles to where the road meets the 95 freeway?

That’s a fairly long ride and a good way to get the hell out of the house. I spoke with my daughter yesterday on the phone back home. She’s working from home and has Cabin Fever creeping up on her too.

Do you have a suggestion? 😎

9 thoughts on “One More Tivoli Photo

  1. Lovely mono shot. Leave without a plan and go wherever the winds of chance take you – surprise yourself with somewhere you haven’t been before 🙂

    • Hi, I’ve done that too, head out and see where I end up. A ride to the Valley Of Fire would be a good ride, the rock formations and colours up there are really beautiful.

        • I usually do keep the Nikon in the truck when I’m away from home for a bit, you never know what could be worth a photo!

          • I have a little Sony RX100 III that lives in my car, but I usually grab my backpack of Olympus gear. That one shot you might miss … it didn’t happen unless you took a photo! 😀

            • They are great cameras, aren’t they? Yours must also be mirrorless. The and thing takes photos that in my view, are about 90-95% as good as the Nikon Z6.

              • After buying the RX100 second hand to put on a drone, I rarely used my Nikon D3200 again. The only thing I missed was the extra Zoom. They’re a surprisingly great little all-round RAW shooter, even astro was better than the 3200 – which I’ve since sold.

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