It’s Always Chili in Las Vegas

Ol’ Johnboy’s cabinets were getting a bit thin on food supplies, so off I go to the usual grocery store before noon today. Being so close to Thanksgiving, you’d think the store would be a madhouse but it really wasn’t too bad at all, wow!

I had a couple conversations with other shoppers too about the cost of living and the damned virus. But of course, I just can’t resist grabbing the goodies for my own chili recipe. I stopped buying a few things, but chili will stick around.

10 thoughts on “It’s Always Chili in Las Vegas

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    • Hi Valeria! Nice to see you. The chili did my usual 6 hours in the old crockpot, it’s been in the cool-down mode for about 45 minutes now. Yep, chili-addicted! 🤪

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