A Quincy Looper Engine on a Runabout Hull

Shifting gears from Thanksgiving thoughts, I have been digging around through my deep archives and came across this video. Wanna see me tear up quickly? Just run this video. When the boat passes by close to whoever recorded the video, the sounds reach back to the 1960s archives deep in my mind.

Little race boats run through my blood. Visit the Quincy Looper website.

I recall sitting dad’s hydroplane boat with the same engine as is attached to this runabout hull in the video, two people are required in the boat for extra weight, to offset the lack of hull weight. Simple physics! The smell of burnt 2-cycle racing fuel is sweet compared to other two-cycle engine fuels.

In the video, there is a For Sale sign on the hull, so perhaps this is a demonstration run, I have no idea.

The audio is rather loud, check your volume!

Legal note –  this video is not my legal property and will be removed upon proper request, immediately.

4 thoughts on “A Quincy Looper Engine on a Runabout Hull

  1. Wow what speed it has! it must have been exciting to spend time with your Dad and the boat. amazing how videos and photos can transport us to another time. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving John. I’m sure hard to be away from family. All the best from us to you.

    • Hi guys, yes, super hard but we did all call or text yesterday which was fun. My sister whipped up a nice meal for dad and delivered it to him, so sweet of her! My kiddos both had separate meals, one with his mom, daughter with hubby and son. But they are still safe from the virus, which I am so very grateful for.

      Those boat racing days are basically a part of my being, A huge part of who I am today and for that, I am also very grateful for it. I follow lots of boating racing accounts on Instagram too. I hope you guys have a nice weekend, be safe! ❤️❤️

    • Exactly the reason for two guys in the boat! Six cylinders, six carburetors, and six exhaust stacks. The engine is usually on the transom of a larger hydroplane hull.

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