Blasted By The Desert Wind

Today has been super windy but totally sunny too with a high hovering around sixty degrees. Not too bad, I’ll take it. I hope your Thanksgiving Day has been very special for you and yours, wherever you are.

8 thoughts on “Blasted By The Desert Wind

    • Breezy enough to make the house creak a bit, Anneli. The wind has settled now, these wind storms are more frequent in the cooler months. That’s my observation after almost 8 years here but the 60 isn’t so comfy sometimes. 😊

        • I agree! Life is weird these days, the years of snowmobiling and boating have landed here in the desert. Well before this terrible virus happened, I have considered moving back up north but never got past that. Now, there is no reason to think about it for an unknown time. Can we roll time back to 1964, please?

          Sorry for the rant.

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