A Bit of Weather With My Eggs

I mentioned yesterday how windy it was, well this morning that wind is still blasting the palm trees and making my home creak and crack a bit, wow!

I’ve always said that these large wind events, or windstorms, happen more frequently during the cooler months of the year. Here is the proof!

Anyway, I whipped up some buttery eggs and wheat toast a bit ago since I have no new content again. That’s what I get for staying at home where it’s safe…

Those temps are a bit chilly, but I’ll take them over snow!

4 thoughts on “A Bit of Weather With My Eggs

    • Hi Lavinia, sorry for the delayed response. I didn’t click the Reply link, here is my response: Thank you! I don’t like these temps, I wear sweats and a jacket in the house with the furnace running too. Time sure has changed things!

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