Construction Equipment

Good morning from the valley. These photos were taken yesterday on my joyride, the equipment belongs to a very large paving company, you’ll see their trucks and equipment pretty much anywhere in Las Vegas. My game plan for today is to be the best couch potato I can be! What are your plans?

8 thoughts on “Construction Equipment

  1. It will be a quiet day here, maybe some leaf raking in the afternoon. All leaves go on the garden to help make soil. I have 2 terminal cuttings of Sungold tomatoes from this past season successfully rooted and in the plant room for the winter. Seeds for everything get started in February, but some things I attempt to overwinter inside if they were in pots.

    I’m waiting for a stretch of warmer, sunnier days to do staining of wood structures. Given our normal weather patterns, that might not be until next year. I do have some work to do on the car that can get done in the garage.

    • You are staying very busy, Lavinia! A good thing, I can’t grow anything. It just wilts and goes away. Putting a fresh battery in the car?

      • Hopefully removing the old radio, and finding the screws I lost last time when I started taking things apart to get at the console and dashboard. It’s not like the old days of the ’69 Nova I learned to work on. These days the battery has to be disconnected so the airbag doesn’t go off by accident, the speedometer cable has to be disconnected along with another item, and they make it hard to get at dash lights and other things. The dash light problem turned out to be a fuse issue, but the radio/tape player is bad and needs removal and replacing with something. That job may wait for spring. I would like to find the lost screws though! This old Subaru has over 456,000 mikes on it now.

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