From A Simpler, Gentler Time

I captured this old Ford yesterday, the photo has been published but this is a different version. My father is an antique car expert and life-long car guru, he believes that this is a Ford Shay, I can’t provide a proper link for a better explanation as I can’t find one. Thanks to you know what, I can’t be with him. Pisses me off!

2 thoughts on “From A Simpler, Gentler Time

  1. Wow your dad has a great eye. Upon closer look at the photo you had in your earlier post, I agree with him: this is a 1980 Ford Shay Model A reproduction. They had Ford Pinto engines and drive trains among other things.

    • OK, I saw a website mentioning this when I was searching for a decent link for the post. I suppose he knew this, but didn’t mention it to me, no biggy!

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