Are You a Star Trekker?

If so, then you’ll enjoy this fun take on the Star Trek TNG series characters. Disclaimer: I am not the author of this image. I hold zero copyright. That must belong to the name on the bottom right of the image, but aren’t they so funny looking? Like little children again. But then some of us simply refuse to grow up… 😊

6 thoughts on “Are You a Star Trekker?

  1. I’m not a Trekker. I liked Star Trek when I was a kid, but I didn’t like the two Star Trek movies I’ve seen, so that ended my interest in Star Trek. I saw Gene Roddenberry around 1977. He was so disappointing. He was nowhere near the visionary I expected based on the Star Trek series.

    • Wow, OK. I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences with the series, Tim.

      I believe Mr. Roddenberry was a genius speaking specifically about his vision of Science Fiction.

      Many of the items and concepts he came up with have become reality.

      • There was a lot of genius and forward thinking in the original Star trek Series. Especially with use of computers and communicators in the future that is totally lacking in a lot of sci fi at the time. He did not demonstrate that forward thinking genius when I saw him speak he was totally Hollywood. Unlike when I heard Edward Teller speak in the early 80s. He, a true scientist and visionary, was very inspiring with his brilliance.

        • TOS is still a huge favorite of mine. It’s been sad to see many of the big names in the franchise pass.

          I follow William Shatner on Instagram, and a few other Trek-related accounts.

          Funny too since I watched him as a little kid in the 60s, times have changed!

          • Did you see “Incubus” 1966 movie in Esparanto with William Shatner? It was released about the time Star Trek came out. Good thing for Shatner Star Trek was a hit.

            • I had to giggle at your comment, Tim, no I’ve not seen or heard of it but I’ll take your word on this. I’ve heard Esparanto on the shortwave radio bands in years past. I’m guessing that Bill’s English was altered!

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