Blue Sky Over Barbwire

Good sunny morning from me where we will have sunshine and 64 degrees today. Here are the last photos that I took a few days ago.

The barbwire is surrounding high voltage equipment that doesn’t appear to be there now. This is at the paving company property. The Vegas Strip photos have been parked on my desktop for a few days.

10 thoughts on “Blue Sky Over Barbwire

    • There you go! Hi guys, I had to uncheck one box is all.

      I am a bit embarrassed to tell you that after all of my whining and complaining about the cost of the WordPress Business plan, I went ahead and purchased it.

      I’m so sick of the space limitation and the block editor thing.

      Both of those issues are gone now, I have the plugin installed for the Classic editor and have 200gig of storage. Sorry for the trouble, thanks for always coming back to this meager blog. ❤️

    • Hell noooo!! I can feel a bit blah on the overcast days, Anneli. I have changed my plan with WP, let me know if you have any issues. 😊

      • Yes I did have an issue with leaving a comment. I had to sign in, and I did that, but it still didn’t accept my comment. I’ll let you know if it happens again.

        • Hi Anneli, sorry I missed your comment. Another person had difficulty, I fixed this with one click which you’ve figured out.

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