Wilson, The Glamour Shoot

I’m being plain old goofy here, these are the last photos of Wilson helping me in the kitchen the other day. Ain’t he a sexy dude haha! My father had surgery on his left knee early this morning in Michigan. I received a call from my sister a bit ago, he’s come out of surgery doing great! Yay! Thank you, Lord! 🙏🏻

9 thoughts on “Wilson, The Glamour Shoot

  1. So glad to hear your dad is well! And these close ups of Wilson are amazing! The detail they gave him, it’s no wonder people often assume he’s real. What a great camera!

    • Thanks sooo much! Sister and I had a nice chat about several things, among them was my considering moving back up to Michigan. Then, I mentioned how much I love the climate which she laughed at and said why? Why come here and freeze! He will head home tomorrow, sister will keep an eye on him. I’m so relieved that he’s OK!!!!!

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