Scenes From A 2015 Road Trip 2

There are nine photos in this set continuing with the iPhone photos. Apparently, I didn’t bring the current-at-the-time Nikon on this trip. I pass through the Sponge Docks and end up on Dunedin Beach.

The Ex and I walked the docks many times, but I don’t miss her… Hey man, it’s just a fact! 😂🤷‍♂️😂

Scenes From A 2015 Road Trip

Back in 2015, I was making the usual fall trip from Michigan to Florida for my dad, hauling an old car down for him in his Crew Cab with a large trailer in tow. After arriving in Florida and dropping the rig off, I borrowed the car as usual and headed out to see the lot where the home I lived in is, and cross the Dunedin Causeway to Honeymoon Island.

I miss living there, but not the threat of hurricanes. While living there in the 1990s, that ‘storm of the century’ hit west-central Florida. The now Ex and I lost a ton of our belongings in that storm, including a brand new Pontiac car. That memory has stuck with me these many years and is a part of why I stayed in Las Vegas after the big D.

I could have moved down there or back home to Michigan, but neither state enticed me to move there. Michigan, too damn cold and dark. Florida, too risky with the hurricane threats. Call me a chicken, but the idea of losing all of, or part of, everything you own doesn’t sound like a good time. These are all iPhone photos.

Signal Jamming on 540khz?

Having been using radio equipment since the early 1980s, I am familiar with what jamming signals sound like. This same oscillating sound is heard in the shortwave portion of the radio spectrum as well. But 540khz? This is the bottom end of the AM Broadcast band, I’ve never heard a Medium Wave station being jammed in all my years in radio. Weird! I’ve tried to post relevant links about jamming, but there are no difinitive sources, sorry. No matter, nobody visits the blog much anyway! 😂

Light Breakfast

Good morning and Happy New Year to you! My one wish for the new year is for the world to see the end of this terrible virus that has killed so many innocent humans. Then, for happiness and prosperity for you and everyone. I woke up thinking about food and eggs popped into my half-awake brain. Yum. Have a wonderful New Years’ Eve, friends, be safe.

Traveling Under an Ethereal Sky

Flipping a photo from color to black and white can sometimes render a photo that takes on an entirely different life. The photo with the line of mountains is actually a fault line that runs north and south roughly eight miles west of Las Vegas. The road is called Charleston Boulevard.

Late Night Palm Tree

Good morning from an overcast Las Vegas. There are winter storm warnings in the mountains for three to five inches of the white stuff today above 5000 feet. Gladly, my home is around 2500 feet ASL so no snow down here. Snow is a four-letter word! No tripod was used for the photo, it still looks decent.