Cold Train, 59MPH

My buddy back home emailed this to me yesterday, I’ve tried once today to upload it and embed, but it’s not having it. I enabled a plugin that I thought was already enabled so let’s see if this works now…

Yes, it does!

He seriously needs to rotate that phone! This is a westbound Canadian National train that hauls automotive parts, cars, and trucks into and out of Ontario, Canada at the Saint Clair River tunnel.

This is at Davison, Michigan, one of many crossings I’ve haunted years ago when I was seriously into trainspotting. The trains here are too far away for me to go to more often as they are well north of the city.

8 thoughts on “Cold Train, 59MPH

  1. We were surprised by snow this morning. I didn’t see any trains, but I drover over train track twice.

    • Thanks, and oh yeah! I’ve stood along these same tracks many times as a miles-long Intermodal blasts past at track speed. The snow becomes it’s own mini snowstorm as the train passes. Damn cold but fun! Now I live in a desert, LOL! 🤪

      • Does Las Vegas ever get any snow, even a little dusting? In the 5 years I lived in Tucson I only saw snow one time in the valley. Panic ensued, they canceled school and the little dusting was gone by 9:30.

        • That’s ridiculous to close school for that! Reminds me of people in the store today wearing heavy coats when it’s in the upper 50s!!

          I’ve seen flurries down in the valley twice, and last winter, I had a dusting in the backyard on the faux grass. It vanished quickly, so I guess it really doesn’t snow. My home is at 3200 ASL, in the High Desert.

          Take a ride north on the 95 freeway, hang a left on Kyle Canyon Road and you’ll drive up to about 8100 feet at the Mount Charleston Lodge! Tons of snow up there in winter, along with a ski lodge.

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