Life Goes On

Life goes on regardless of the pandemic. I made a run to the bank and a different grocery store than I usually use which is a bit farther away. People are still going about their daily business in the stores, at the fuel pumps and Las Vegas Traffic is just as busy as it always has been since I moved here eight years ago.

Still, life goes on including our beautiful blue sky

9 thoughts on “Life Goes On

  1. And soon it will all be normal in most ways. I say most because I have a feeling we will all be more careful in the future and, for example, we won’t be as quick to shake hands with people we meet for the first time.

    • That’s a very good point, Anneli, it seems to be human nature for people to extend a hand in friendship or in business circles. When I grocery shop, I carry a small container of hand sanitiser in a pocket, splash it on my hands frequently and the cart handle too every so many minutes. Not being paranoid, just careful and some common sense in my view. Let’s pray that this virus slows then ends very soon, and that a vaccine will be made that is 100% effective very soon!

        • Smart! I have yet to see others in my local store doing this too. I did visit a different store today hoping that they had some saltine crackers with NO salt, nope!

          They make me feel less guilty when eating my chili… There’s a huge difference at the main entrance where you grab a cart. My usual store always has an employee outside at the carts where they are brought in from the cart corals.

          They spray and wipe every cart handle. The other store had a big jug of sanitiser, and a pile of wipes and/or towels. Not as effective in my opinion…

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