Ranger Radio

Several days ago, I ordered this ten-meter ham radio which also has the CB radio frequencies too.

I can own the radio legally since I have an FCC license for ham radio, CBers would use the radio illegally because of it’s much higher power output.

I grabbed a few photos last night with the Nikon and the iPhone. I’ll get this thing on the air later today.

10 thoughts on “Ranger Radio

    • Back in the early 1980s, the FCC actually was cracking down on people like me who had illegally modified CBs as they had more output power and extra channels added.

      I also used a Linear Amplifier that can take 4 watts up to several hundred watts of RF output. This little radio by itself has 100 watts output as-is. I hold a ham radio license, hence I can legally own it.

      I don’t know if the FCC is cracking down on those rogue radio users these days, they may lack the federal budget to put people in the field to hunt down and fine them.

      I got away with it, the other CBers would also tip off fellow radio buddies about the FCC being in town. I hope this helps!

      • I remember the mid 70’s CB craze brought on in part by the trucking industry. Ha! I had a Radio Shack “one hander” in my VW bus. I remember that I called it my “Base” on the license application.

        • Your comment made me smile, Maj. My first experience with radio was in 1979 and my last year of High Skewl. Even the class yearbook mentioned the use of the radios.

          That’s where it began for me. The FCC dropped the license thing decades ago, but I had one and actually remember it! Why did Radio Shack stop making radios?

          They seem to be just barely in existence today. Poor business decisions…

            • OK, Rockhound, I heard what ya said when ya said what ya said!

              KBTW1748 here, sometimes also known as 748 and 55. People had the weirdest handles like Dirty Socks and more… There was also some very racial comments being thrown about at the time too, never a good thing!

              One day, I came across a van with a trailer in the local mall parking lot. This guy had a gas generator in the trailer which powered a huge Liner Amplifier that had an RF output at 1000 watts or more, pumped into a large aluminum antenna.

              Pretty crazy isn’t it!! The most I ran was 400 watts,, even that would shut down FM radios in cars around me when I’d key up! Oops, nope, it isn’t me! 😂

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