The Life Jacket Loaner Station

These photos were taken roughly two years ago along the Lake Mead shoreline. You can easily see where the waterline should actually be in the photo of the marina.

If you were standing at the life jacket loaner station with the lake at full pond, you would be fifty or more feet underwater. And there is no relief in sight for drought relief.

I suppose that it’s people such as myself who move here from outstate that could add to the water level problem here, it’s a very complicated subject.

8 thoughts on “The Life Jacket Loaner Station

    • OK, thanks. I tried uploading the train video earlier today then saved it as a draft. Later today, I found a plugin that needed activation, it works now. I hope!

    • Many years of drought, Anneli. I’ve lived in this valley for 8 years now and have seen a very insignificant amount of rainfall. Michigan gets plenty of rain, so I can see the huge difference easily. I always try to use as little water as possible in different ways. It’s a bummer to see the intake towers at Hoover Dam so high and dry.

        • I wish you could, Anneli! As far as I know, most of the water that gets to the lake comes from the Rockies range via the Colorado River. The monsoon rains haven’t really gave forth much at all since I’ve been here.

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