12 thoughts on “Jumping Juice

    • Thanks, Lavinia. It’s not my work but so funny because this reminds of the 70s when as a kid, pops and I rode dirt bikes for so many miles in northern lower Michigan.

      There were unmarked trails along the way that led to known places by locals where they ended. Our two-cycle dirt bike engines were turned upside down to drain the water from attempted river crossings.

      Those High School days were the best, man… Even with your pops! 😂

        • Do you guys ever get three or four feet of snow? Northern lower Michigan can get that much, great for snowmobiling!

          • No, not on the coast, except maybe at the top of the skihill. One year they had a very deep snowfall up on the hills. But in the interior of BC they get more snow. Anywhere near the coast we have the marine influence which turns potential snow into rain. We might get a few days of a foot or two of snow and then it melts. Mostly cold rain though.

            • Interesting, it sounds like you are right where you want to be. Snowmobilers will prefer to be inland. I follow a few snowmobile accounts on Instagram. Zoooom!!

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