The Blue View Two

Here is round two from this morning under that beautiful blue Mojave Desert sky!

11 thoughts on “The Blue View Two

    • Thank you, Kaya. Sorry for the delay. The Monsoon season this year once again brought zero rain which is really terrible. We need that rain very badly. I have been through some very dangerous storms here though in 8 years, dangerous, frequent lightning and plenty of flooding.

    • Hi Anneli, I think it is, mostly. When I take trips to Michigan, I look at my hometown differently now since it’s not nearly so well manicured and just seems dirty. That’s a crappy thing to say of course, but it’s an honest thought. I’ve seen some really crusty areas of the city too which is sadly normal in big cities. Maybe not in British Columbia, or BC cities though?

    • Hey how’s it going? I think your name is Mike, I follow other blogs in the UK, they all say it’s been wet and blustery! It’s much cooler here now since the summer heat has gone. Cool for here anyway at 55-60F recently during the days but plenty of sunshine.

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