The Blue View

I’ve been out and about picking up some supplies for back at the ranch this morning. Stocking up for more self-imposed lockdown. Who could have known this shit was coming at us all like a freight train… I’ve grabbed several random photos on my little journey today, places in Las Vegas the tourists will never see.

8 thoughts on “The Blue View

  1. Big hills! It’s funny, I always thought of Las Vegas as being flat. Best wishes in lock-down, a good time to catch up on all the little jobs you’ve put off for years, like sorting out old photos! First thing, write a list of things to do 🙂

    • I’ve been caught up on those little jobs around here for a good while now. Maybe gained two or three pounds too from my self-imposed lock down!

      Flat is something Las Vegas is not, the valley is about 20×30 miles in diameter, bordered by 4000 to 6000 footers to the north and east. On the west side, those hills are just foothills.

      The big mountains are further north and west from me. Both Fletcher Peak and Mount Charleston are a bit under 12,000 feet. Nevada is the most mountainous state of the 50, directly behind Alaska.

      Mountains we have!

      • I just looked up that Las Vegas is 2000 ft above sea level. My house is about 1000. Mt Wellington behind me is about 4100 feet above sea level, so Fletcher Peak and Mount Charleston are huge by comparison. Thanks for the lesson 🙂

        • Your welcome. Vegas is in the High Desert, 39F just now outside. Funny though how the temperature can be 120 or less in the summer… 🔥

          • Wow! That’s just a little extreme, and I thought here was nuts, we range between 27F to 100F over winter and summer, though its not often that cold or that hot.

            46F -75F is the normal range.

            • I see, it’s not always so hot in summer, but this past summer was the absolute hottest in my 8 years here.

              27 is not so cold, 100 is an issue, depending on the humidity.

              Example, my store-bought weather receiver says that the humidity is a whopping 5% in my home just now. I’m actually well-acclimated but it does piss off my sinus… 🤷‍♂️

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