Sky, Mountains and A Horse

Early this afternoon, I headed out to a large parking area where I could test a new antenna and radio. The new antenna wouldn’t tune up properly, the SWR was too high.

I put the other antenna on the truck and was able to test the radio. It worked very well, thankfully.  After that was done, I grabbed the Nikon for a few photos, here are three.

10 thoughts on “Sky, Mountains and A Horse

  1. Great, I love an SSD. This Mac has it, I use an external SSD to back up my photos and video, and to the cloud too.

      • I think it goes “In the desert you can remember your name ‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain”. I never liked that song, but they played it so much on the radio back in the day that a remember a lot of the lyrics. It also seems I often remember the lyrics to songs I don’t like. It just doesn’t seem right.

          • Luckily bad memories get hashed out to some extent. I’ve read that dreaming is like defragging our memories, and helps us forget things or put memories away until something reminds us of them. I’ve known a couple of people who had total recall. They said it was hell. Their memories never got defragged so everything was always active in their memory.

            • That’s very interesting! I hope that never happens to me or you. My Macs never needs a defrag. Been many years since I owned a machine with a Windows OS.

              • You don’t defrag Winders anymore, either. In the early days you had to defrag Macs as well and Winders. I remember having to defrag all the office computers. The defragging program was at least entertaining watching all the blocks being moved together into cohesive bands of color. Those were the bad old days.

                • I gotta giggle, Tim, I remember those little blue boxes scooting around the screen too. Has Windows copied the super-stable Mac OS in some almost illegal way?

                  • No. HD technology improved and now we have a lot of solid state drives. I have a 4TB SSD in my old Macbook Pro here. Other World Computing put them on sale for $300 marked down from $1800. I didn’t hesitate for a moment on ordering one. It’s been great.

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