Black and White and Colour

Yesterday, I purchased another photo application, this one is called Luminar 4. It’s another learning curve to navigate through as I did with using Aurora HDR last year. Another application I use on the MacBook is called PhotoScape X. Between the three applications I have more than enough options at hand to work with. Some of these images were passed through the new Luminar 4 software.

12 thoughts on “Black and White and Colour

  1. 🙂 John, you were always great at creating black and white photographs.

    Now, in regards to colour, I have noticed that you have an attraction to the colour blue. Is blue your favourite colour?

    To learn more about the Luminar 4 software, I recommend locating a tutorial on YouTube.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, my friend.

    • Hi Renard, blue has always been my favorite color, and I have blue eyes too. I am color blind at certain light frequencies as well. Too much blue for you, aye? 😂

        • It’s hard to not capture the blue sky when photographing outdoors here as we have 300+ days of sunshine per year, Renard. And one major reason why I stayed here after the divorce. My northern home state is too cold for my blood these days, was 32F there a couple hours ago. 🥶

            • Yeah, it’s rather cold! Back in the 1980s, my family and I regularly rode snowmobiles in a standing air temperature of -30F or higher. Add to that the Wind Chill Factor and you’ve got a very dangerous temperature! The key to staying warm is Layering. Layer upon layer within reason will keep you comfortably warm along with proper gloves and footwear, even in such a brutal, bitter temperature. 🥶

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