8 thoughts on “West View, East View

        • That sounds like a typical Michigan day in December, Anneli. A quick check of the weather on my phone just now says it’s overcast and 32F now, and 63 in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Strange, isn’t it?

          • Here it’s 46 F., feels like 41, and the wind is SE14Mph, gusts of 22., much less than what it was this morning, and the rain just keeps on coming down. The fir trees are waving back and forth in the wind. A good day to be inside. 63 degrees sounds like heaven!

            • Thanks for the details, Anneli! I can easily imagine that scene back home. The official temp is 64 at the moment. The drought down here is terrible, send the rain down! Our southeast states are always getting too much rain, yet we contin ue to dry out. Bummer.

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