It’s Not a Dish…

A dish or plate is something usually used in the process of food preparation and consumption.

Your ordinary Parabolic Antenna is used in many ways for telecommunications and different modes of radio and broadcast networks as well as satellite television.

A dish is not a parabolic antenna, any more than a parabolic antenna is a plate or dish. Just sayin’!! 🤪😂

I’m just having a bit of fun with our English language…

8 thoughts on “It’s Not a Dish…

    • I’m having fun with words, and having years of experience with antenna systems, the whole Dish thing is ridiculous to me. 🤷‍♂️😇

  1. Your dishing it out. Speaking of parabolic and disasters, did you see the footage of the collapse Arecibo Telescope?

    • Wow, no I didn’t but I’m not surprised. It’s so old and hasn’t been well maintained. It’s about my age, I am better maintained though, I haven’t collapsed yet haha!! The hurricanes can’t have helped the antenna.

    • Yeah, Dish Network will never get my business, had a bad experience with sat TV years ago in Michigan. The rain and clouds kill the signal, never happens with Cox cable! Worth the extra money for the speed and reliability.

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