The Rock Pigeon

People have different opinions about pigeons in general, some say they are beautiful while others say they are a pest. A flying rubbish can. They are still nice birds regardless of pooping on everything!

This bird was photographed on the edge of a garage structure at my old apartment building about four years ago. There is a piece of bread on the roof behind the bird which it hasn’t found yet.

3 thoughts on “The Rock Pigeon

    • I’ve seen birds eat tiny stones of course, imagine the size of the kidney stones! The pigeons would land on the steel bar just in front of me on that tiny apartment patio, hoping for a donation. I no longer feed birds any bread! They may poop on me for that, eh? 😂

      • They eat tiny stones so they have something in their gizzards to grind up seeds. They will most definitely poop on you for that.

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