Juicy, Tasty and Delicious!

I had this hand-sliced chicken breast in the freezer for a week or so, so yesterday I popped it into the kitchen sink still wrapped in its plastic, upside down. I placed two large dinner plates over the chicken and filled the sink up with enough water to just submerge the entire chicken breast.

My mother taught me to do this years ago to quickly thaw frozen meats, it works quickly and perfectly every time, thanks, mom. I used the little Breville countertop oven as usual to bake the breast. About forty-five minutes of cook time later, and it’s yummy time, so moist and delicious!

6 thoughts on “Juicy, Tasty and Delicious!

    • Thanks, guys! I usually buy the very thin-sliced chicken but this full size breast was so darn good. I did something right. 😊🐓

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