What Are They Fighting For?

Little tiny stones for their tiny little gizzards! I have uploaded photos of this place before, it’s always swarming with Rock Pigeons. Apparently, there is something special about these particular little stones?

I’ve never seen the flock this tight together though. I snapped two shots with the Nikon, but the 24/70mm lens wasn’t getting me in as close as I wanted to be so I hopped out and just waded into the flock.

Silly bird-brained birds!

8 thoughts on “What Are They Fighting For?

  1. Must be some especially useful stones for their gizzards. On the other hand, there could be a leaking dripper hose.

    • I walked to within eight or so foot of where they were clustered, just tiny stones so it’s obvious what they are doing, but why these stones and the herd of birds! I didn’t see any water exactly where they were pecking furiously at…

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