A Thin-Sliced Lunch

By now you regulars here know very well how much I love chicken and chili. Am I nutty? Ask my ex about that one. There are some wonderful lady cooks I follow on Instagram though who I would welcome into my kitchen for some hands-on cooking instructions. Forget about Youtube videos…

I hope your weekend has been very good.

I’ve been chatting with my family today, so good to hear them and text too. It’s really tough to stay positive about the virus, lockdowns, and missing our families but all we can do is stay as positive as possible and have faith that He will bring us through this very bad and difficult time.

4 thoughts on “A Thin-Sliced Lunch

    • Thank you, Anita, I so appreciate your kind comments. 😊 My questions are – is it safe, does it really work, and if so, what are the availability numbers on many levels?

  1. I shouldn’t have looked at this at suppertime. I still have to cook something. Staying positive is a good way to get through this last phase of the covid time. It will soon have run its course. The vaccine will see to that.

    • Great comment. I sincerely hope this has run most of it’s course now, and that any vaccine will actually work. I’ve seen a couple videos on it’s development.

      You probably still think I eat nothing but chicken and chili, right? Ohhhh heck no. Watermelon, peanut butter toast, eggs and toast… And more. How about some chicken tonight? 🙃

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