Las Vegas Range Touches the Sky

While on a jaunt to the party store earlier today, I made a couple stops where I knew I can get some clear photos of the mountains on the north end of the valley.

It’s about fifty-five degrees at my place now, the low thirties are forecast for tonight. A cold front is moving through right now giving us gusts up to forty miles per hour. Basically normal weather for December here.

That 6000′ foot mountain is juuuust touching the clouds!

13 thoughts on “Las Vegas Range Touches the Sky

    • Thanks very much, Anneli! The days with clouds seem to pull me out of the house for photos like this. I tried photographing the Strip again too, the light was not right. Have you guys seen some blue sky?

      • Not much. A tiny strip of blue just now but it won’t last long as the sun is dropping below the horizon in a few minutes. Mostly gray skies. Another wind and rain system is coming in tonight/tomorrow for a few days. Don’t worry. We’re used to it.

        • I’m very sure you guys are, as was I in Michigan for 50+ years. I don’t miss it. It’s getting dark way too early this time of year, isn’t it? Grrr……

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