17 thoughts on “Old Cars

  1. Wow! That GM bus/transporter is something else – It still looks like it came back from the future! I hated the 80’s cars when they went from round curves to square boxes.

  2. Remember Car Surfing in the 1980s? That General Motors Parade of Progress has the perfect surfboard built in the roof. The Nash Statesmen looks very much like our 1960 Rambler American. Apparently, American Motors liked that style care well after Nash & Hudson merged.

      • Car surfing was all that rage out here and probably west to California in the 80s. I know a young man who was almost killed doing it.

        • I’m glad the fella wasn’t killed! Being from the land of the ice and snow, things like this apparently slipped by. I was too busy partying with my buddies.

          • It was part of partying, but mostly teenagers. I was not a partier. I was too unsocial.

    • They surely will never be built like this again, it’s a shame isn’t it? Today, cars are all about aerodynamics and fuel mileage. I miss the days of large, powerful muscle cars.

    • Thank you, Renard. My folks had a large antique car collection a few years ago. I would never ask what the insurance premiums were. No way, man! Had to have been outrageous. 😳

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