Kitchen Fun

Just a few more photos from another late night cooking session. This time baking ‘French Bread’. It was really good with this morning’s bowl of chili. The breakfast of great photographers!

12 thoughts on “Kitchen Fun

  1. John that bread does look tasty!
    (Thank you so much for the comments you left yesterday on my site. Unfortunately I had a mishap (long story) with the post and had to deactivate it for a moment. That meant I lost several comments – I can see them in the email notifications but they don’t appear on the post, sorry. I just didn’t want you to think I’m ignoring your comment.)

    • It is good, yum! I’m sorry that WP is giving you trouble. Instagram is doing the same thing the last few hours, I can’t comment on certain posts there. I now use that overpriced Business plan that WP forces us into instead of us being able to purchase storage space. It does have some nice extras, but not really worth the price. I’d like access to the PHP files too, not just the CSS as an example.

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