Get Off The Road

This is a gripe, sorry for this, but It’d be swell if it were illegal to ride bicycles along this miles-long stretch of Charleston Boulevard. Why? Too many times I’ve passed these dipsticks that are riding the white line, or have crossed it just a bit as I approach. Seriously? Apparently, these people have zero sense of survival and totally lack Common Sense. But these dipsticks never ruin the enjoyment of the beautiful geology here.❤️

14 thoughts on “Get Off The Road

  1. Amazing again. What a fascinated blue colour… I can’t believe… Thank you, Love, nia

  2. When I raced bicycles, I rode 300 to 400 miles a week all year. I don’t know what the laws are in Nevada, but in New Mexico, cyclists can ride two abreast on the inside of the white line if they choose. Motorists are to leave five feet when they pass cyclists. The reason cyclists ride close to or on the white line is because the road is cleaner close to the white line. I don’t understand why you get upset about people riding along that road. By all standards that is a safe road for cyclists as long as drivers are paying attention. The problem is drivers are distracted by too many things like phones and cameras and distracted drivers make the roads dangerous for everyone.

    • Tim, i completely disagree. I’ve come too close too many times. It’s all about the safety of the bikers, and my desire to not be hauled into court over something I had nothing to do with. If it were up too me, the bikes would vanish. By Inside, I hope you don’t mean to the left of the white line. That’s begging for death. And yes, I’ve been pissed off too many times by these damned idiots.

      • I don’t have problems with cyclists. Bicycles are a great form of transportation. I have many more problems with other drivers. It doesn’t matter if you hit a bike, a motorcycle, a pedestrian or another car you are likely to get hauled into court over it. One can argue that anyone who gets out on the road no matter what they are in or on is begging to be killed. Driving, riding, or walking on roads is dangerous.

  3. We have the same problem here. Stupid people. Don’t they realize that one little slip could wipe them out? The car wouldn’t be hurt as much as they would. With all that space, that’s just a stupid thing to do. Not all cyclists are like that, of course, but it’s the ones that draw attention to themselves that ruin the good reputation of all the responsible cyclists.

    • Well said, Anneli. Not all the bikers here do this dangerous, irresponsible crap but it happens enough. I don’t want to be involved in a serious accident for no fault of my own. Once your gone, your gone and there’s no coming back.

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