Rain in Las Vegas

Well after dark last night it finally took to raining. It had threatened to rain all day, finally! The rain washes the desert dust off of the roof, the sidewalks, city streets, and whatever else. Thank you, rain!

8 thoughts on “Rain in Las Vegas

  1. This is beautiful and good too dear John, we all miss raining… In here drought has been talked and very serious for near future… Thank you, and nice to hear you too. Love, nia

    • Hi guys, it rained very hard for about five or so minutes, it was a very cold rain too. It’s nice to have the roof, pavement, my faux grass in the backyard all washed off for a change.

      The dust is understandably heavier here. My truck never sees a drop in the garage, it’s a clean machine which got another spiff this morning. Staying busy here today with other stuff too.

      Trying to keep the lockdown blues away!

    • Yes indeed! It’s so nice to see, hear and smell the wonderful desert rain, it has a different scent than in Michigan. A very nice scent. 😎❀️

    • Yes!! I take the leaf blower to the yard furniture and ground around the home once a week or so to blow the desert dust off of everything, this is so much better!

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