Another Scorpion!

This time of year, the scorpions want to come indoors even though it’s not terribly cold in Las Vegas in winter. I was turning a bedroom light on for the night and noticed something new on the sticky pad.

Welcome to the Mojave Desert life!

17 thoughts on “Another Scorpion!

  1. Oh my God! Sorry dear John but I didn’t like this, makes me so scare… Be careful. I wonder in apartments they don’t seen as in your house, do they? To live in a house with garden, means you are open all kind of them… In the village home same for us too. Once I saw and caught a scorpion in the room, in front of the balcony door, I was panic… but with a spray I killed… but for a long time I couldn’t sleep… We started to cal the service for pest control. Anyway, Have a nice day without any pest and stay safe, Love, nia

    • It’s OK, Nia. The pest control takes care of most of the pests, my sticky pads on the floor catch them. I’m used to dealing these nasty critters!

    • Agreed!

      They are easy to stomp out when ya see them. The chemical used by the pest control company to spray the entire property down inside and out isn’t fully effective on these dang things.

      Using a Black Light after dark on warm or hot summer nights can clearly illuminate them. I use a spray to kill, or a good old flat screwdriver on them. Do wear gloves, socks and long pants… ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • They are so nasty, aren’t they? The way things have been lately (sparing you the rant) I’ve thought about it a lot today actually. I actually put two more sticky pads in my bedroom a few minutes ago. Being stung in the night doesn’t sound too great, eh? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

        • Sorry, the pest control folks spray the entire property about every 2 months, they always leave me extra rectangular pads that are covered with a very sticky substance that NO bug can escape from. I place them on the floor in all the rooms, the two spare bedrooms seem to be the hot spot lately. Nasty varmints!

            • I’m with ya all the way on spiders, I literally get a chill when I see them. Last year I was cooking in the kitchen and noticed something moving in my peripheral vision. Guess what it was? I grabbed a tenny and made it go SPLAT! So creepy…

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