6 thoughts on “Pink and Yellow

  1. I love the color combination, John. On my screen, the pink looks more lavender. It is on my list to get a lavender rose for the garden, but I need one that is resistant to blackspot fungus, not something you would probably see in your drier, hotter climate.

    I have been having problems with WP randomly throwing me into SPAM on various sites, so I will skim down through posts, but be careful how many I “like” in a day.

    • Oh really, so WP does the same thing IG does? Too many Likes, they stop you. I am very colorblind, was wondering if the rose is actually pink! I think WP is too big for it’s own britches sometimes.

      • Seems to be, I have no other explanation. It has happened a few times. WP is probably trying to prevent “like” spamming, which happens. I occasionally get harassed by questionable people who “like” all my comments on sites I know they can’t possibly have an interest in, I suppose as a way of trying to get me to look at their sites. WP’s automated SPAM reduction system probably tries to address things like that.

        The roses seem to my eyes to be on the border of pink and lavender, more on the lavender side.

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