Yesterday whilst waiting for my takeaway breakfast outside the restaurant per Covid rules, I took a few iPhone photos with the Lenka application which I’ve very rarely used.

This application is strictly for black and white photography. I used the Aurora HDR application to clean the photos up, then the Photoscape X application to resize the photos.

18 thoughts on “Lenka

  1. Wonderful photographs in black and white!
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas as you can possibly have. And let’s hope for a brighter year ahead.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. A little off topic, but I wanted to ask you, John, about the “businesses” that kept following your blog. After you mentioned it, I checked, and I had several so-called followers who had 1 follower, and no postings, or very few anyway. I have one that is plaguing me now, following me every day, even though I unfollow him every day. It’s Tv Channel Info. Have you had any interaction with this one. He is a pain in the you-know-what. Just wondered if that was one that you were familiar with.

    • Hi Anneli, sorry but I’ve not heard of this business.

      I have been removing spam accounts and businesses since this blog went online in 2016. It’s a pain in the ass but I do it sometimes ten or more times per day.

      It runs in cycles, some days there are zero tries to follow while others it’s crazy how they come at the blog. Today there were only two. Tomorrow there may be fifteen but I stay at it every single day.

      I do this only to keep the number of ‘actual’ followers as accurate as possible. WordPress knows about this but doesn’t seem to care. They need to make possible the technology here like that on Instagram.

      I block three or four spammers there every day too but I CAN block them. WP is behind the times in this department, yet they see fit to force a stupid block editor on it’s users.

      It sounds like you have the same spammer plague that I have. You may want to consider keeping an eye on your Followers page so that you can see them when they show up.

      I keep a separate tab open at all times just for this purpose, along with the blog and daily site stats. I hope this helps you, Anneli. 😊

          • I did that. They just told me I could stop them from commenting and gave me instructions, but it doesn’t stop them from following every day. I’ll just have to unfollow them every day.

            • That’s all we can do is remove them as a follower day after day after… Because WP just doesn’t want to give us the capability to block them. Even by an individual IP address. Grrr. I had none to remove this morning, yay! One guy tried for about obe full year before he finally gave up. These people are morons.

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