8 thoughts on “The President and First Lady’s 2020 Christmas Message

  1. That’s a large temperature swing in one day. The area was once flooded several times by glacial melt water when the last ice age ended, creating fertile soils and changing the landscapes. An amazing place to live, Lavinia!

  2. Good morning, John, and wishing you a very Merry Christmas,from all the cats and crew here! No snow up here on Christmas day. It is right on 32 degrees and raining lightly, but usually we don’t get snow until January.

    • Thank you, Lavinia, and to you too! I forget where you are, sorry but do stay bundled up. It’s around 37 down here at the moment. Brr!!

        • Thanks, I did a quick search on the valley. So much history in both human and geology. The weather pattern seems quite mild too. The views I saw are beautiful.

          • We are at 800 feet, in a geologic bowl of sorts. Our location tends to pond cold air down off the mountains, and our bloom time in spring can be a week or two behind the valley floor. Compared to New England, where we are from, the weather is pretty mild. Rainy and damp on winter, hot and dry in summer, though it cools down a lot at night. The temperature can swing 30 to 50 degrees from night to day in summer.

    • Thanks, Anneli, I do too. Mr. Trump seems to have a natural Frowny-Face like I do. It’s just the way I look! 😂

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