A Michigan Winter

My sister sent this video to me this morning as the snow was falling back in my home state and county. I’ve ridden snowmobiles all over that yard and through the surrounding wood for so many years. Yeah, I miss it.

12 thoughts on “A Michigan Winter

    • I miss this place! I know every inch of it, so glad my sister sent this video this morning. Shes at our folks’ place taking care of dad after his knee surgery you may remember. So cold yet so beautiful too. I used to ride my snowmobile here. I miss home too much…

        • I have been thinking about going home, Anneli, but the idea of bitter cold weather again and so much gray sky is a major deterent.

          Covid has shut down any chance of that happenibng for now anyway.

          My almost showroom condition truck would have to be shipped back in an enclosed trailer with a full cover over it, it would be driven only in summer and even then, very little.

          Changing doctors and health insurance, selling this house, finding a new house and the rest of it. Too much for me at the moment.

          Why is life so damn complicated?

          • There is a lot to consider, isn’t there? Well, I don’t blame you for not wanting to go back to Michigan winters, even if there are some good things about it. It would be ideal to have a home in both places (and be able to switch back and forth without other problems that come with that scenario). I think that after this virus thing is over, and you can fly home for a visit, you won’t feel as conflicted about it all.

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