Working With My Pottery

Today has been as good as Christmas can be under the current circumstances. So many people are basically trapped at home like myself or in similar situations everywhere.

I am grateful for the ability to at least still communicate with my wonderful family back in Michigan this Christmas. I believe that Christmas 2021 will be much more like we remember.

I was looking around the house for an item to photograph using the white paperboard background I recently purchased, and chose this piece of Navajo pottery, and a couple other items to photograph in the kitchen where the sun was still shining into the house very brightly.

I used the 24/70mm lens along with Aurora HDR and Photoscape X. I tried using the recently purchased Luminar 4 software which was really annoying. I paid good money for the software, yet the company sees fit to slap an ad there which I couldn’t close without using the Force Quit to fully close the application down.

I came within milimeters of deleting that crappy software. The Aurora HDR seems to basically do everything Luminar does, sans a very few different things so I shouldn’t have purchased it. The next time that application pisses me off, it will be on it’s way to the application graveyard!

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