12 thoughts on “The Cormorant Gang

    • There are four small man-made lakes nearby, each have tiny docks for the public to use, but no powerboats are allowed. There are Cormorants, Coots, ducks and geese. Sunset Park which is very near McCarran International Airport has a much larger man-made lake which is always swarming with ducks and Canadian Geese. Plenty of bird action in the valley, aye? 🥰😎

      • We’ve seen them nearly everywhere we travel where there are large bodies of water. I’ve seen stories of fishermen in Southeast Asia who train them to catch fish. They can dive pretty deep to go after fish.

  1. Oh dear, they are so lovely and wonderful photographs, as if they are getting ready to sing… 🙂 In the first one I see this, in the second one how lovely feet of one’s in the mid and in the last one wings… Amazing. Thank you, Love, nia

    • I’ve seen it, they have wonderful colours! There are also Coots, different kinds of geese and ducks there too. ❤️

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