11 thoughts on “Donkeys and Dead Boots

    • I didn’t see any more clothing in that area so maybe that’s what happened. I’m sure the scorpions moved in right away as they like to hide in small places. Creepy!

    • They are fun to watch as they slowly walk along and ignoring me. You will get a $500 fine if caught feeding them or the wild horses which I’ve not seen in that area yet. I’ve watched people tough and feed them, feeling very afraid for them. They could whip around and bite you so fast! Not smart at all…

    • I never touched those nasty boots because of those nasty scorpions, yuck.

      The donkeys are so quiet as they stroll lazily along the desert floor. Sometimes stopping and standing in one spot with eyes closed as though to have a quick nap. Kind of cute. 😊

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