Scenes From A 2015 Road Trip

Back in 2015, I was making the usual fall trip from Michigan to Florida for my dad, hauling an old car down for him in his Crew Cab with a large trailer in tow. After arriving in Florida and dropping the rig off, I borrowed the car as usual and headed out to see the lot where the home I lived in is, and cross the Dunedin Causeway to Honeymoon Island.

I miss living there, but not the threat of hurricanes. While living there in the 1990s, that ‘storm of the century’ hit west-central Florida. The now Ex and I lost a ton of our belongings in that storm, including a brand new Pontiac car. That memory has stuck with me these many years and is a part of why I stayed in Las Vegas after the big D.

I could have moved down there or back home to Michigan, but neither state enticed me to move there. Michigan, too damn cold and dark. Florida, too risky with the hurricane threats. Call me a chicken, but the idea of losing all of, or part of, everything you own doesn’t sound like a good time. These are all iPhone photos.

7 thoughts on “Scenes From A 2015 Road Trip

  1. I can only imagine how devastating it would be to experience a hurricane and lose so much. It sounds like your decision on location suits you well John. You definitely don’t need to worry about hurricanes.

    • The odd thing is that my dad and sister both have a residence down there, they have escaped damage all last hurricane season. Here, we have earthquakes! Which is worse?

  2. Smart thinking, it must be horrible to loose everything in a disaster! All the memories etc. I think it’s traumatic to just know that some of the places I enjoyed visiting have burned down to the ground, without loosing any material belongings.

    • I’m glad you guys are safe from the terrible fires, so very sad. Gladly, no fires were near Las Vegas last year. I miss Florida but not sure I could ever live there again unless it was a few miles inland, and I had a house built totally underground where no hurricane could hit it!! 😂 Happy new year, Maria!

  3. Ha! Got a kick out of the shot of the Florence KY mall water tower. When they first built the tower and mall, the city raised heck because the tower said “Florence Mall”. That was an illegal advertising sign, according to the city. So simple, change the “M” to “Y’ “. Problem solved. That is only about an hour 1/2 from our home.

    • Wow, that’s pretty close to your home! I don’t see why the words Florence and Mall would be illegal advertising? The climb south on the I-75 after crossing the Ohio River is a difficult one. Even the 6.6 Litre diesel huffs and puffs with a big enclosed trailer and a 5 or 6 thousand pound car in it.

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