Signal Jamming on 540khz?

Having been using radio equipment since the early 1980s, I am familiar with what jamming signals sound like. This same oscillating sound is heard in the shortwave portion of the radio spectrum as well. But 540khz? This is the bottom end of the AM Broadcast band, I’ve never heard a Medium Wave station being jammed in all my years in radio. Weird! I’ve tried to post relevant links about jamming, but there are no difinitive sources, sorry. No matter, nobody visits the blog much anyway! 😂

15 thoughts on “Signal Jamming on 540khz?

  1. ok, actually I don’t understand much about radio, etc. But what means this? I mean “to be strange”… It is interesting for me too. Thank you dear John, Love, nia

  2. Here are all the commercial 540AM stations in the U.S. — I’m looking for pattern…

    KDFT, Ferris, Texas
    KMLB, Monroe, Louisiana
    KNMX, Las Vegas, New Mexico
    KRXA, Carmel Valley, California
    KVIP, Redding, California
    KWMT, Fort Dodge, Iowa
    KYAH, Delta, Utah
    WASG, Daphne, Alabama
    WAUK, Jackson, Wisconsin
    WBWD, Islip, New York
    WDAK, Columbus, Georgia
    WETC, Wendell-Zebulon, North Carolina
    WFLF, Pine Hills, Florida
    WGOP, Pocomoke City, Maryland
    WGTH, Richlands, Virginia
    WKFN, Clarksville, Tennessee
    WRGC, Sylva, North Carolina
    WWCS, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
    WXYG, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota
    WYNN, Florence, South Carolina

    • Thank you for this list, Tom, I’m thinking the most likely stations I can hear are on the west coast of course, but those in Iowa, Minnesota, and Utah at night. Those stations won’t radiate a sound like the one in the video unless there was something very wrong I am guessing. If this is a jamming station, they would be clandestine transmitters which begs the question – why?

    • This is the same sound I’ve heard on other frequencies so I am assuming this is a jamming signal. But why? I think our AM Radio stations (medium wave) are rather uninteresting. Try tuning 540khz after dark tonight, you may hear it too depending on several factors.

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