Christmas Drones, Chili Fries and A Michigan Cap

The drone video was sent to me from my friend in Michigan yesterday, imaging the precise flying each pilot must do. So impressive! I made those fries late last night and put just a bit of chili on the fries to stretch the pot of chili a little further. And the cap? I have a similar cap, both were purchased at Flint Bishop International Airport on one of my trips home.

Today, I haven’t seen my family in over one full year thanks to you know what.

On another subject, there are so many things that I can write about that would spice up this boring blog, but my issue with this is that there are already so many other sources available that talk about things from Politics to love and so much more. I refrain because I don’t want to deal with flaming comments for one thing. Suggestions are welcome!

15 thoughts on “Christmas Drones, Chili Fries and A Michigan Cap

  1. Happy New Year, John! I saw a vid of a swarm of drones displaying a stag over the Scottish highlands. Amazing. Piloted by AI though, they are not handflown. Keep doing what you do on this blog! Always love your images! Marcus

    • Thank you, Marcus! I’ve cut back the number of uploads per day now, people have told me that several per day is tooo much which I understand. Be safe!

  2. A year without family is really tough. My thoughts are with you John. You’ve done incredibly well to get through that. Hopefully this vaccine is only weeks away and you can get your life back on track. And your blog is great, i love seeing places from all over the world. Keep going.

    • Oh, OK! I had a drone for a short time last year but it’s been sold. I had no idea that so many drones can be programmed like this, wow! Thanks. 😎

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