Scenes From A 2015 Road Trip 3

Here is the next set of iPhone photos from my 2015 visit to west-central Florida. Some photos are not very good quality. The large dark blue or purple home sits on the same loot that the home myself and the Ex rented in the 1990s. The ‘storm of the century’ in 1993 destroyed the home by flooding, the dock was torn out of the much and dropped in the front yard, and the pool was filled with seawater. Wonderful, isn’t it? This new home is far larger than the ranch-style home that was there before.

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    • Howdy do, guys? I really like the area, if I’d have moved there instead of staying here, Dunedin is a likely area. The house is seriously huge, probably one million plus dollars. They have a new dock and lifts for watercraft. I really miss boating!

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