The Book Loving Rabbit

Mr. Rabbit here was photographed with my iPhone at my folks’ place down south, he lives on the bathroom wall. My mother was a master at interior decoration, I wish I could show you some other photos, wow! Love you, momma. ❤️

14 thoughts on “The Book Loving Rabbit

  1. Such an amazing decoration and very special! Two different photos with a different approach. I like them both very much, John.

    • Hi Kaya, thank you so much! I miss my momma every day. Photos of her in my living room are comforting. ❤️

    • Leah, thank you so much! My dad hasn’t changed anything there or the home up north since mother passed. So very sweet.

  2. That is a beautiful photo of Mr. Rabbit on the wall, John!

    Welcome to 2021! Wishing you good health and happiness this year and always! 🙂

    • Thank you, Anneli! You can download them if you like. So far, the first day has been OK, eh 👍🏻 Should I type Okay instead…

        • Yes indeed, so mellow. I’ve been watching the Dr. Who week-long takeover on BBC America this week. Anything SciFi will pull me right in. Dr.Who lives! 😂😬

          Thanks to Star Trek, I’m a life-long science fiction junkie. 🖖🏻

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