Getting In Some Kitchen Time

Happy Saturday from me to you, it’s been a busy morning here today with a needed trip to the grocery store, and whipping up a fresh pot of chili among other things. See that big bowl of soup? That’s actually from a package of frozen Mexican style veggies. Somehow, it turned into a big bowl of soup and it didn’t say it was soup on the bag. Hmmm…

This fresh pot of chili has all of the usual ingredients I use, but I stopped using the pack of super spicy chili seasoning in favor of using regular chili powder and a pinch of red cayenne pepper. I’ll taste-test the chili two or three times during its roughly six-hour slow cooking time. Mmmm, pure deliciousness!

The coffee photo is from early today when I was texting with my old buddy back north in Michigan. I think he’s the only friend I’ve got left these days, kind of sad, isn’t it? But this isn’t 1982 when I had like ten best friends and a hot girlfriend! πŸ˜‚

8 thoughts on “Getting In Some Kitchen Time

    • Thanks!! I git this at the Ranger Station I’d mentioned in a recent post up near Mount Charleston. My Nevada coffee cup has a broken handle, I glued it back on, but use this cup now. The cup is an important part of the coffee drinkinng experience! πŸ˜†

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