Just A Short Ride

Another sunny day is underway today as I headed out to the party store, a ride through the park then to Roberto’s for my usual three hard tacos with shredded beef and their very hot and delicious dipping sauce. Mmm! Along the way, I grabbed a photo of another Las Vegas firetruck, no crew was onboard, so I didn’t get to say thank you for your work. Bummer…

8 thoughts on “Just A Short Ride

    • Hi Marcus, so far this year, the tacos are tasty and the Mojave sky is so blue! Your recent photos are fantastic!

    • Sorry about that, Pooja! I have occasionally made tacos at home, should do that instead of the greasy tacos from up the road I suppose. How do you make them?

      • Lol that’s okay! I usually buy the shells and salsa and make some vegan beef ground to add along with some cut tomatoes, onions and corriander and I top everything off with some vegan sour cream. They turn out really good and you can use the non-vegan versions of course!

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