Smog’s Back

It’s back, and it’s really thick today too. In the last several weeks, my sinus has taken a hit by being so incredibly dry, of course, it’s super dry here but that hasn’t bothered me until now apparently. My solution has been nasal sprays and using an old trick. Just boil some water, have a big towel to drape over your head, and breathe in the steam. This works every time. Try it!

9 thoughts on “Smog’s Back

  1. Unstuff should be a word 🙂 When I lived in Vegas windy days with a lot of sand in the air was the worst for my sinuses. I hope it gets better. The blue sky is always very beautiful.

    • Hi Susanne, thanks for following this meager blog! I’ve never been up there except one trip to Vancouver, BC many years ago. It was a wonderful city, the northwest gets so much rain it’s crazy. I wish it would rain here, the drought is really terrible. If my humidity indicator inside is correct, it’s at just 10% now, it can be 5%!

      • Thanks for the follow too! 🙂 Seattle and Vancouver are very similar, both surrounded by mountains, and water – above and below. I love to get away to sunny and dry now and then but am used to being damp here most of the year! 😉

        • Your welcome! We have the mountains too, but they are very different than your lush mountains unless we drive into the mountains and go above say 6000 or 7000 feet.

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