Mojave Desert Tortoise

Some of you know Wilson the faux tortoise and his adventures roaming my backyard. Wilson has been in the living room for a few weeks now, yesterday, he was put back outside. The lighting wasn’t very good but I put him on the whiteboard for these photos. I think I’m going to take a ride to the local ham radio store today for four mounting brackets I need. Back later…

14 thoughts on “Mojave Desert Tortoise

      • Yes, we’re well, but no, we are (right now) having a monster storm. The trees and ocean are roaring with the wind and the rain is flooding many fields in nearby farms. We are above the level of the flooding, but many places are not.

    • I agree, Lavinia, looking at the piece up close the details really pop. There is a much larger and smaller version of him too. They are crazy expensive though!

  1. These are great photos for Wilson’s modeling portfolio! The black and white one made me flash to the tv show the twilight zone! Makes me wonder if there ever was an episode with a turtle! Happy New Year John! 🐢

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