On The 95 Freeway

This morning, I headed south via the ninety-five freeway for Valley View Boulevard south and the ham radio store. Gladly, they did have the two items I was after, but the price was a premium.

If you know anything about the 2 meter and 70 centimeter FM frequencies used by hams, then you may also know that Icom, one of the big three radio manufacturers as I call them, has chosen to not include a metal mounting bracket for the mobile radios, as well as the bracket that will attach the controller to the body of the radio.

Really stupid choice, Icom! So I was able to get the two brackets and plates to attach the controllers too. Have I lost ya! It’s either make the drive and get instant gratification or order them online and wait a few days. No thanks! This also offers some photography opportunities too. It’s really beautiful here today as it’s currently 57 degrees. In January!